Class Type

4 Type of crafting profess

Stats / Type:

-Strength (STR/POW) This increases the power of your attacks, the maximum of hp, equipment of your weapons, and Pow skills

-Dexterity (Dex) This increases the defense of your character to last longer, equipment of your weapons, and Dex skills

-Intelligence/Spirit (Int/Spi) This to increase your magic power, equipment of your weapons, and Int/Spi skills.

-Vitality (Vit/HP) This increases your Hit Points (HP)

-Stamina (STM) This increases your stamina and how long you can use your attacks without losing the max amount of damage and missing attacks. (Also known as asthma attacks lol)

You get about three stat points per level to allocate onto your stats to improve your character. Where should you put your stats in you say? Well just focus on just the main three stats for now as they will rely on your skills and weapons:


-Strength (For those who love to PK, Duel, hit high attacks.)

+High attack power

+Best for PK/Dueling

+Low cooldown rate on skills

+High HP

-Skills may only be used on one person.

-Low Hit Rate

-Defense depends based on armor and equipment

-Will drain down HP Pots fast if shaman not around

-Difficult to level when starting off.



+High Defense

+High SP

+Less use of HP Pots

+Can become a Tanker for Party

+Can Win 1v1 in Duels and PK

-Low attack power

-Skills may not be powerful

-Slow leveling unless you get a party and when you get your AoE skill


Spirit/Intelligence (SPI/INT)

+Unique attacks

+Skills able to bypass any defense

+Causes the highest attack even at low levels

+Can acquire buffs to help themselves and party

+High MP

-Drains MP Pots like mad

-Relies more on buffs and armor

-High cooldown on skills in higher levels

-A bit harder to level up at times.

Each of the three main stats play a specific role


II. Class types:

As I said before in the first part of the guide, there are four classes in Ran Online that you can choose from. We're going to describe each one of them as how they play upon their roles in the game. First up is the Swordsman.

2a. Swordsman:

Ran Online Guide For Newbies Part 2: Class Types and Stat Points

General Traits:

+ Main Tanks of the game

+ Highest HP than any other class

+ High Defense Upon their Armor/Skills

+ Big Blades

The swordsman is the usual everyday type of class upon all MMOs that use swords to hit enemies or summon magic. Swords are also relatively more expensive than other classes' equipment due to the fact that they have the highest HP an defense than any other class. They also contain a variety of AoE (Area of Effect) and Splash attacks against their enemies.


2b. Brawler

Ran Online Guide For Newbies Part 2: Class Types and Stat Points

General Traits:

+ Second Highest HP in the game.

+ Faster Normal Attacks

+ Uses Gauntlets to unleash pain

+ Relies on Punches, Kicks, Anything towards their advantage.

+ Highest Stamina than other classes.

Brawlers attack enemies at melee range with fists, feet or chi energy. They have high stamina to keep up their multitude of attacks. Brawlers are taller than other character classes, but this fact does not affect game experience in anyway at all. Brawlers loves to fight upclose and personal in battle. He uses His fists to deal damage. His punches do low damage but he attacks extremely fast. His skills are powerful as well. He is often the second tank of the team and does high area damage. Their weapons and equipments are quite expensive as well in some types.


2c. Archers

General Traits:

+ Can Attack at Range without any danger

+ High Evasion than other classes

+ Variety of AoE attacks

+ Bow and Arrows

Archers are characters which hit enemies from afar. They usually have high evasion and therefore harder to hit balancing out their relatively low health. Archers also need to constantly buy arrows to be able to attack or use skills but their weapons are less expensive than other classes. They are capable of doing Area-of-Effect attacks which helps other players in a party clear mobs for faster leveling. Archers deal damage from afar and have many skills that do high single target damage as well as some big AOE effect skills. They usually have quite low defense but high avoid rate. They're usually at the back of the team picking off weak targets.


2d. Shamans

General Traits:

+ Huge variety of buffs

+ Can wield spears (Pow) or staffs (Int/Spi Types)

+ Support Types Recommended in Parties

+ Highest Int than other classes

Shamans draw upon magic to hurt enemies or aid allies in battle. Shamans can choose to be melee and use spears. Shamans who start adding Power from the beginning of the game are rare,but is equally as deadly as the other melee classes.The Skill "Life's Gift" or "Genki Aura" is the main reason why they are deadly. Shamans have a relatively low hitpoints or HP but this skill allows them to acquire more HP as high or even more than the swordsmen. Attack type and use spells to deal damage to enemies, or Support type and aid allies. Support shamans are highly valued in parties, but like the Archer they have low health and often need protection from allies since they are usually busy repeatedly casting the healing spell "Heaven's Treatment". Attack and Support shamans both require talismans to cast spells just as Archers need arrows. Shamans have higher INT gain than other character classes for more MP for more spells.

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