P2P To Earn

P2P To Earn

P2P To Earn Concept

  1. 1.users requires to purchase and equip an NFT-WINGs.

  2. 2.by killing bosses that appear In the Monster Tower to get Ran Satoshi Tokens ( RST ).

  3. 3.The Mystery Box is a loot box that randomly drops when you successfully kill a map boss in single player mode. It contains game items such as RST, gems (level 1 - 5), RMT exchange cards, enhancement stones, etc.

  4. 4.Mystery Boxes have 3 qualities. After receiving the mystery box, you need to wait to open the box, and the countdown will start automatically. After the countdown is over, they will pay a small GST (base cost) to open it. Mystery Box countdown duration increases proportional to its mass. Real estate model (under development)

Types of WINGs

  1. 1.There are five WINGs qualities. When minting WINGs, the value of each attribute will be randomly chosen within minutes. and max. Values based on WINGs quality. Therefore, even WINGs of the same quality may have very different attribute distributions.

  2. 2.MetaWings is further divided into 5 qualities, divided into: E (common, gray), D (rare, green), C (rare, blue), B (epic, purple) and A (legendary, orange). Wings of different quality have different attributes and generate different token returns.

  3. 3.The base RST returns vary for each Wings. See the WINGs Properties section for a separate breakdown of each type of WINGs.

  4. 4.Efficiency Attribute of Wings - The higher the efficiency, the more RST you earn each time. Users can earn RST from level 30 to 150. At level 30, users can challenge monster towers to continue earning RST, or switch to the map to kill time-limited bosses to earn RMT. Users can freely switch between these two revenue models.

  5. 5.Attributes of WINGs - The higher the additional attack value, the more RMT/RST you get. Users can choose between RST and RMT earning modes at level 30. Users can freely switch between these two earning modes. See the Token Economics section for details on the RMT release.

  6. 6.Speed ​​of Gains - To maximize gains, users should maintain the stat value of each equipment and armor. Whenever a user's attack power is lower than the map BOSS health regeneration, their income will be reduced by up to 60%, depending on the attack value factor, the protection value factor and the game character's health recovery.


  1. 1.Income cap - Players have a daily cap for holding passes. These restrictions limit the number of dungeons and tokens a user can have per day, the number of map bosses and the drop rate.

  2. 2.Daily pass cap - Users who purchase NFT-WINGs start the game with a 3/10 pass. The maximum energy cap is 20/10. Users can increase their energy by acquiring more or higher quality WINGs (see energy system above)

  3. 3.Daily token cap - The user's RST is not capped to start the game. User tokens are capped at a maximum of 10,000,000 RST. Users can increase their daily pass cap by upgrading their WINGs introductory even

  4. 4.Once the game character's HP is exhausted, the user will respawn to the resurrection point or use props to revive in situ.

  5. 5.They can choose to continue the game or quit and lose the bonus points for the round.

  6. 6.Each user has a starter set, +0 gear as a starting point.

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