MetaRan Web3 Concept

The Concept of MetaRan

MetaRan is an MMORPG game for millions of people. We are the first gamefi with a Japanese school and campus theme. The concept is based on where users equip themselves with NFTs in the form of Wings. By playing missions, there will be different treasures and rewards to upgrading equipment levels in the game and gain tokens from playing the game.

At the same time, new elements Metaverse, NFTs, Token, Land (similar to SandBox) are added to become a new generation of chain games. GameFi refers to play-and-earn blockchain games that provide players with financial rewards. Players can often earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards by completing missions, playing against other players, and reaching different game levels.

MetaRan aims to drive millions of people online simultaneously, utilize the gaming environment and connect different players into Web 3.0, while the GameFi environment creates a sustainable platform with contents created by users.

MetaRan various gameplays and Wings as the access

The basic gameplay of MetaRan, players equip NFT sneakers in the game app to participate in the game; they can earn token income by playing in the monster tower, and the income can be used to upgrade, "earn coins" efficiency, or sell directly. The specific operation steps are as follows. Players first need to download MetaRan.exe from the MetaRan official website, and register a MetaRan account with an email address; after registration and login, players can create or import an existing APT wallet in the game, and transfer APT from the trading platform to wallet address so that you can buy NFTs (Wings) in the game and get game rewards. In the application market, players can buy NFT Wings, there are different types, namely: Angel / Demon / Fashion / Special Different types of Wings have certain restrictions on players' play, such as

MetaWings is further divided into 5 qualities, divided into: E (common, gray), D (rare, green), C (rare, blue), B (epic, purple) and A (legendary, orange). Wings of different quality have different attributes and generate different token returns.

Attribute: Enhanced +1 to +10 The original value is +1% income

Before and after purchasing NFT Wings, players can officially participate in the game.

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