Beginner's Guide

Basic Information

RAN Online has a max level cap of 230, The main currency in-game is Ratooken, which is used to buy from NPCs and learn skills and other purchases, In this game, there are three schools and 4 classes. The schools are Phoenix, Mystic Peak and Sacred Gate.

The four classes in RAN are: Archer, Brawler, Shaman and Swordsman. Upon levelling, a player can distribute 3 stat points into POWer, DEXterity, INTelligence, VITality, or STaMina.

Basic Controls

1. Movement and Item Movement Move by clicking on the ground with your mouse. Single click moves you to that spot whilst holding down the mouse button will allow you to move continuously. Alternatively, you can click on the map (key M) to move to that location. WASD cannot be used.

To move an item around, click it once, then click on the destination. This includes quickslotting potions and hotbarring skills. To link an item in the chat, use Ctrl + right click.

2. Target Selection and Attacking To select a target, click it. This causes its HP bar to zoom in. The mob with the zoomed-in HP bar will then act as the centre for range calculation (so be careful if there is another mob between you and the target). The enemies’ movements are rather slow, but RAN Online’s whole scale is a lot smaller than perhaps some of the other MMORPGs which you may be used to.

To attack a target, either use a skill using a hotkey, or right-click the target to commence auto-attack. Be careful, as mobs between you and your selected targets will block projectiles (such as arrows and bullets, required by Archers and Scientists respectively). Ranged classes make sure to take this into account when planning various strategies, for example in PvP..

3. Interaction with NPCs To speak with an NPC, first click on the NPC so that its faint overhead arrow and HP bar turn from green to blue, then right-click to engage them in conversation. You will see various dialogue options at the bottom. Along the top (tradable NPCs only) there may be several labelled tabs which are the NPC’s assorted goods, which you can buy for RAN’s local currency, RAN gold (dropped by mobs, given by quests or through selling various things via NPCs). Ctrl-click allows you to quick-buy by bypassing the prompt, and Alt-click previews the item on your character. For each NPC there is also a buy-back list (of course, at a higher price) in case anything is sold accidentally.

4. Camera Control Move the camera using the arrow keys. Make sure you don’t lose sight of your character behind a building or something. Make sure to always adjust the camera as necessary according to how you move and the environment around you. Alternatively, is to click your mouse wheel and move the mouse.

5. Map Control To move your character using the map, simply left click on the location you wish to go. To drag the map to focus on various areas, right click and drag as appropriate. Right-clicking on map links, shown as orange squares, will let you view that area map. Hovering over various map icons will give you useful information

6. Trading Shift-click on a player to bring up the interaction menu with various optons. The left-most option is trade. In the process of trading, first each side places what they wish to trade into the main area. Then, each player has to "Close" the trade (leftmost button) before finally clicking "Accept".(middle button). To trade gold, simply click on your Gold in your inventory with the trade window open.

7. Applying Skill Points | To apply skill points, first click the + arrow on the skill you wish to upgrade. Then, when you're happy, click the bottom-right button, which will let you fix that skill. Before the skill is finalised, you may redistribute your points however much you like (by pressing the Reset button on the bottom left). Once you press the Apply button on the bottom right, however, a confirmation with the amount of RAN Gold required will appear (the total cost to learn all the new skills - levelling up skills previously learnt will not cost any more Gold). To confirm your skill choices, press "Confirm". Otherwise, press "Cancel" (the other button) and you may keep adjusting your skill points.

You may reset skill points previously distributed by using an Oblivion Potion. Higher ranked potions will also reset your stat points.

Chat Commands Chat is activated using the Enter key. Pressing the Tab key will cycle through all of the different chat methods. The quick chat switch commands are:

  • /s – General (not Shouting)

  • /c(lub)

  • @ or whisper - - Names are case sensitive – john smith =/= John smith =/= John Smith. Failure to acknowledge this means the delivery of the PM will fail.

  • # or /p(arty)

  • /r(eply) - to your last whisper.

  • /u - Ally

  • $ or Shouting

  • /? - List of animations - say the listed in general chat (one at a time)

  • /sit - Lets you sit on the ground. No observed beneficial effects however.

  • /dance - A short 5-second dance.

NPC Representation on Maps The default map settings show the NPCs as little head-and-shoulder… portrait-ey… blobby… things, and are colour coded in three ways:

  • NPCs coloured red with a “?” have a quest for you

  • NPCs coloured yellow with a “!” are an intermediate step in a quest

  • NPCs coloured green with a “!” are quest completion NPCs.

Quests Quests are given out by NPCs (as they always are) and may reward you with various useful items, including armour, weapons, rings, etc. Other quests may give skill points or have a time limit. For more information on quests, including quests by map and links to individual quests.

Equipment Grades and Ranks Equipment is colour-coded to denote rarity, from White, to Blue/Cyan, to Yellow (R) and Purple (W), and also comes in various grades and ranks, from D to A. There will also be several blue stats which may be available and these add to the base stats of the particular piece of gear. The green stats are also bonus stats, but these are added separately to the base and blue stats, and the main stat out of the green stats is included in the name of the equipment and is shown as (+) next to the rank. For weapons, the element, if any, will be included. These weapons will have certain effects which have a high (30-40%) chance of activation per hit. For more information please see the Armor and Weapons pages.

Enhancing Equipment To enhance your weapons or armour, you will need Coating Oils and Grindstones. There is a maximum enhancement level of 11 (because 10 is just not enough). However, above +4 there will be a rate of failure, a rate of “dehancement” (decrease in enhancement level), and a rate of destruction (extinction), which increases with enhancement level. For more information and enhancement formula.

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