Q2 2023:

1.Deployment of the $RAN token on the APTOS Chain test-net

2.Starting the development, Testing the base gameplay, Game servers, and blockchains links.

3.Working on the 3D Modeling of the Meta Ran Universe.

4.Doing the Level-Design.

5.Exploring Meta Ran functional systems.

Q3 2023:

1.Auditing our different smart contracts that interact with the APTOS

2.Releasing the Teaser for the launch of the Meta Ran Alpha.

3.Kickstarting the $RAN token by doing a public sale to create the asset pool

liquidity and the game base-funds (ILO).

4.Deploying the Whitelist for the private Alpha pre-access. (wallets participating in the ILO will have advantages).

5.Working on all the game aspects, the client/server, and connections between the centralization/decentralization services of NFTs.

Q4 2023:

1.Deploying the NFT items marketplace to trade in-game stuff with other players on-chain.

2.Starting the Demo server

3.Using the test-net for the Demo server to spot bugs, and rewarding bug- bounty players that report issues in $RAN tokens.

4.Adding new maps and more specifications of items, MetaRan Gems and Land function development.

5.Launch the different starter packs (NFT’s packs) for the beta access-launch, to directly start to play with your bought packs.

6.Increasing the team capacity, recruiting new 3D designer, level and scenarist.

Q1 2024

1.Releasing the beta public access of the Meta Ran on the main net of the APTOS network.

2.Fixing bugs from the Demo server found by players

3.Adding daily quest systems to reward players’ activities, therefore rewarding the most active ones.

4.Applying & Listing $RAN tokens on top major T1 centralized exchanges.

Q2 2024

1.Doing KYC procedures of the MetaRan Team members.

2.Creating an Uniswap controlled pool for the in-game KXS token (with 10% of the raised funds).

3.Listing over CoinMarketCap.

4.Adding an event system season with special unique NFT’s with specific new bosses (new limited cosmetic...).

5.DAO governance to vote on event themes, next milestones on the roadmap to achieve, and nerf or upgrades to make in-game gameplay updates (capped by wallet in terms of percentage).

6.Visual design in-game for statistics and information on $RAN value and price moves.

Q3 2024

1.Integration of a Meta Ran Proof-Of-Stake blockchain to reduce at maximum fees for playing.

2.More unique maps and epic items / Meta Ran to loot in the mine.

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